The Ultimate Image Concept

“No two people are alike” Often said in hairdressing often forgotten, the entire world is filled with individuals each one unique - each with different moods, wants and yes… fantasies too.

Fixed rules and dogma cannot apply successfully to all this diversity. Short hair, long hair, hard lines, soft lines - these are scarcely philosophies. They are no more than part of the artist’s infinite variety of choice, to be used flexibly, modified and blended sensitively, according to all facets of the client from body structure to fashion outlook. And when the hairstyle of that individual is a reflection of personality rather than fashion, fads, rules or regulations that is when we are satisfied; when freedom and flexibility move from mere words to action completed.

This concept forms the basis of our thinking & approach toward hairdressing.

John & Nettie

We use only the finest products available from all over the world.
Skin Care from Italy
Spray Tan from Australia
Phyto Shampoos & Treatments from France
American made pure Mineral Makeup
L’Oreal hair color – The World’s #1 Seller
Designed by Michael Mase